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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Kana トヰーデル ディー ト トヰーデル ダム
Origin Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Original Name Twīderu Dī to Twīderu Damu
Alias The Tweedles
Type Somebody
Role Supporting World Character
Age Unknown
Home World Underland
Family Each other
Weapon Wooden Swords
Attribute N/A
Status Alive
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are two characters that are met by Lily Marina, Alexis LaReine, and Anthony DiNotte on each of their visits to Underland. They are twins, but often disagree with each other (probably just for the sake of arguing). Each wears a set of blue shorts and a striped shirt, and they are completely bald.


The Tweedles are first seen by Lily in the Giant's Garden, accompanying Alice, The Dodo, Mallymkun, and Nivens McTwisp to see Absolem the Blue Caterpillar. When the Bandersnatch attacks, they are captured by the JubJub Bird trying to help Alice escape. Later they are seen at Salazen-Grum, forced into the service of the Red Queen as her "Fat Boys", with hearts stamped on their foreheads. The last time they are seen is at the Chessboard Fields, helping the White Queen by fighting Card Soldiers with their wooden swords. It is assumed they are living comfortably under the rule of the White Queen.

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