Turbo Man
Origin Mega Man 7 (1995)
Type Robot
Role Enemy
Home World Earth
Family Dr. Wily (Creator)
Weapon Scorch Wheel
Attribute Fire, Speed
Status Alive
English Voice Daniel Riordan
Japanese Voice Yuji Kishi

Turbo Man is one of the eight Robot Masters of Mega Man 7. He can transform into a race car and back to robot mode, and is now working for Accelerus' division of the Demonizer empire.

Turbo Man


  • One of Turbo Man's battle quotes, "It's Turbo Time!!!!!", is from the 1996 movie Jingle All The Way. He has the same voice actor as the superhero of the same name from that movie
  • His transformation quote, "Shift Into Turbo!!!!!", is a reference to Carranger's adaptation, Power Rangers Turbo. He is also voiced by Red Racer's actor, who also voices Ken Masters in Street Fighter IV and V.

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