Tsukino Waka
Kana 月野わか
Origin pop'n music, MIRACLE 4
Alias Waka-san

The Seer of Twilight (title)
Moon Knight (alter ego)

Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 11
Home World Earth-Kyoto, Japan
Weapon Glistener (Moon Staff)
Attribute Caliber
Status Alive

Waka is one of the characters of Fever Pop. His alter ego is Moon Knight (ムーンナイト Muun Naito?), and was titled as The Seer of Twilight. Waka has a purple Ponny, named as Wiselint, and encounters Ovalo, a purple hedgehog. Waka wields Glistener, a moon-shaped staff, as his main weapon.


Waka takes into a calm and collected personality.



Waka's appearance is a fair-skinned 10-year-old boy with neutral black eyes and indigo hair. His hair is merged into an odd style, confirming that parts of it are formed into two, oval-shaped curves (some characters think that Waka is a girl mistakenly). His attire is almost resembles of a Chinese attire, with blue and white colors.

Fever Roku! (Early Design)

In the early-drawn comic book, Fever Roku!, Waka's hair curves are formed into circles, and he wears a black shirt with green sleeves. The pants are identical to Roku's, and wears black shoes.

Moon Knight



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