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Tropical Storm
"A Keyblade from the tropics of Cocomos. It emanates Cocomos's tropical heat as if you never left the tropics."
Strength Magic
+3 +4
Aerodynamic - Air time, as well as Aero magic and Aero-magic-based attacks, are increased in power
Find the Planet Sigil at the Crystal Isles.

The Tropical Storm is a well-balanced Keyblade obtained at the end of Aqua's story in the continent of the Crystal Isles.


The Tropical Storm's guard is similar to the Sandstorm Menace in terms of the tornado-like edges and handle, although this time they are colored a tropical blue instead of a dusty brown. The Tropical Storm's main blade is shaped like a palm tree, with the rainguard spreading out on the top of the blade to look similar to a sandy beach. The teeth of the Tropical Storm is three bananas, pointed outwards and sharpened to provide a powerful physical attack. It is possible to attack from both sides using this Keyblade, as the leaves of the palm tree also serve as secondary teeth for a retaliation attack.

The Keychain for the Tropical Storm is a small blue-and-green seashell, very similar in design to the purple-and-yellow seashell Xion left behind after she faded away at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


  • The Tropical Storm's guard is a technical recolor of the Sandstorm Menace.
  • The Keychain resembles the seashell Xion left behind after she died before the final boss fight in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.
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