Tron Bonne
Tron Bonne & Servbot.jpg
Origin Mega Man Legends (1997)
Type Human
Role Anti-Heroine, Supporting Character
Family Teisel Bonne (Older Brother)
Bon Bonne (Younger Brother)
Weapon Gustaff (fighting ride armor)
Status Alive
English Voice Tara Platt
Japanese Voice Mayumi Izuka

The only daughter of the Bonne family of air pirates, Tron Bonne is a genius mechanic who created the 40 Servbots that assist the Bonne family in various tasks.

Tron Bonne & Servbots.jpg


Tron is stubborn, feisty, self-confident and determined, mocking her opponents openly whether she's winning or not. She is very temperamental, as during some moments she is calm and happy, and during others she can explode into a rage and yell without any warning. She can be very harsh with the Servbots, sometimes even punishing them in over-the-top, comically painful ways, but despite this, Tron is usually tender and affectionate towards them, like a mother.

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