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The Trinity War
Story Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos
Sides Clavis


Kingdom Come

Strength The Keyblade

A Nobody army
Three replicas

Several soldiers

Casualties N/A



Victor: Undetermined

The Trinity War is a major plot element of Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. It was a long and drawn-out conflict that begun between the organizations of Abbadon and Clavis, however Kingdom Come was dragged into it after Alpha of Abbadon tried to force Kexon, the leader of Kingdom Come, into ressurecting the fallen members of his organization and lead them into victory over all who oppose them. The main focus of the entire struggle is the ownership of the legendary Crystal Staff, which is said to have the ability of paving the way to control over Kingdom Hearts. Some of the Trinity War's lasting affects include the formation of NOVA and the creation of several Muliverse rifts forming, forming several access points for the dark force, Entropy.

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