Traversia-class Frigate
Name Traversia-class Frigate
Origins Charon-class Light Frigate (Halo)
Model FFG
Class Guided Missile Frigate
Length 490 meters (1607.6 ft)
Width 156 meters (511.8 ft)
Height 139 meters (460 ft)
Mass 15,000 tonnes
Engine 6 Ion Pulse Engines, 2 Nuclear Fusion Engine Cores
Shield Gen. Level 4 energy shielding
Hull 60 cm Laminated Gummi-Block Hull, 30 cm Titanium Battleplate
Sensor Radar
Navigation NAV Computer
Target COMDEX-G8
Armament 1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
3 Shiva-class Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles (can be equipped with a tactical nuclear warhead)

40 Quetzacoatl-class Missile Pods (30 missiles per pod)
12 Point Defense Gauss Cannons
5 Defense Rail Guns
8 30mm Gattling Guns

Complement Scorpion-class Main Battle Tanks

Elephant-class Heavy Recovery Vehicles
Mongoose-class Ultra-Light ATV's
Warthog-class Recon Vehicle/Anti-Armor Vehicle
Pelican-class Troop Transport/Gunship

Crew 240
Skeleton 80
Passengers 260
Capacity 500
Consumables 6 months
First Use 70 DC
Role Picket Ship


Story Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy
Affiliation Union of the Realm of Light

The Traversia-class Frigate is a Capital Ship found in Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy. The Primary Frigate of the Union of the Realm of Light, the Traversia-class serves as general-purpose escort vessels capable of multiple roles. Despite it lacking armor and firepower compared to other capital ships of the fleet, it's easy maintainability and cheap cost allows many to be built for use.

Known Traversia-class Frigates

LUS Traversia

LUS Charon

LUS Aegis Fate

LUS Arabia

LUS Forward Unto Dawn

LUS Vostok

LUS Mombasa

LUS Apito

LUS Wesson

LUS Cobia

LUS Disney

LUS Oured

LUS Redmill

LUS Cranston

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