The following is a list of the transformations underwent by the Villainery and Enemies of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Darkside: The Combination Of 144 Shadow Heartless forms the transmogrification of the Darkside, a gigantic godly shadow creature who stands eight million and ninety seven feet in height and capacity. Darkside first appeared in Dive To The Heart overseeing Sora's Testing Of Loyalty, Love and Light and reaccurs in Hollow Bastion commanded by Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and Ansem
  • Jafar-Genie: The Royal Vizier and primary antagonist of Agrabah based on his controversial appearance in the classic Aladdin like the film installment asks of three wishes to the Genie Of The Lamp the third to transform himself into a genie. The Lamp Chamber Area soon then collapses leading way into the Lava Pit below where Jafar now appears as the collossal dark red genie of the black lamp who is invulnerable to combat and contains a large jet black pony tails curling over the back of his bald red head.
  • Ursula-Giant: Sea Witch and former psychic of the Triton Palace of Atlantica the octopus woman using King Triton's Trident encases herself in dark brown smoke which spirals her upwards and into the eight million and ninety seven foot giant who towers over Sora, Ariel, Donald Duck and Goofy. Her Head becomes the only vulnerable aspect of her body regions and attacks with new abilities and sordid magic.
  • Clayton-Stealth Sneak: Clayton upon defeat in the cliff arena of Deep Jungle then calls upon the invisible emblem heartless Stealth Sneak who the is the animal representation of a monstrous large chameleon. He Mounts the Stealth Sneak firing with his shotgun and is only vulnerable upon relinquish of his grasp of the heartless lizard.
  • Sora-Shadow Sora: Upon arrival on the pirate ship in Battle VI Neverland Sora comes across Kairi and rival Riku who then with his new ability of commanding the legion of Heartless summons a clone replication of Sora in Heartless form who attacks without warning and leaves a voice-ridden laugh. He is encountered for defeat in the Hook Cabin and upon severe injury and threat of demise summons clone replications of himself.
  • Riku-Possessed: Riku upon reach of Destiny Islands becomes possessed by the Darkness of his heart and the Heartless invading it. He attacks stronger than the play fight of the Destiny Islands opening raft before storm and battles inside the kingdom of Hollow Bastion.
  • Guard Armor-Turntable: Upon return to Traverse Town to have the second manufacture of the Gummi Ship as to access Hollow Bastion in search of the world's keyhole in the second district Sora, Donald and Goofy come across the supposedly destroyed Guard Armor Heartless Emblem who transform into a backwards stronger variation in defense of the keyhole positioned on the moving pictogram.
  • Maleficent-Dragon: Upon encountered and first phase defeat Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty transforms into the classic dragon form posing a new set of Abilities and Difficulty.
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