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Transcript of Morality: Pressing Issues

Grand Theft Auto Radio

Xin: Next is Pressing Issues now hosted by the unusual Antagonist Ayano Katagiri.

Ayano Katagiri: Hai! In addition, welcome to Morality: Pressing Issues! Our Guests here our Maurice Chavez, Tommy Verceti and Sweet.

Maurice: Hey, I used to host this show!

Ayano Katagiri: True, But this is not VCPR amigo. It’s GTAR.

Maurice: I am not Mexican!

Ayano Katagiri: Oh.

Tommy Verceti: Can we get on with this? I have a drug shipment coming at 12:00 Pm.

Sweet: I gotta kick them Ballas now!

Ayano Katagiri: No prob homie.

Maurice: I want to host this show this is MY SHOW!

Ayano Katagiri: its GTAR’s Pressing Issues not VCPR’s!

Tommy: I will shut you up Maurice forever if you won’t stop.

Maurice: With what?

Tommy: *M60 Gun Cock* This Asshole!

Maurice: Holy Crap!

Sweet: Haha! I got a bigger gun than that Pasta Boy.

Tommy: Oh yeah?

Ayano Katagiri: Oh, goodie goodie these people are going to have a gunfight!

Maurice: I have no gun!

Ayano Katagiri: Get out there and go buy one at Ammu-Nation!

Maurice: What!?

Tommy: Where is your gun you crappy Gangbanger?

Sweet: I can take you Italy Boy down with this here Magnum!

Maurice: I’m getting outta here!

Tommy: No way CHAVEZ! *Shotgun Fire*

Maurice: Good Lord!

Sweet: What the hell?

Maurice: I’m going through the window!

Tommy: Don’t push your luck CHAVEZ! *Multiple Gunshots from a M60*

  • The sound of a windows shattering*

Maurice: Freedom!

Supervisor: Hey Everyone Jack Howitzer!

Ayano Katagiri: Whoa!

Sweet: Hey pasta boy! Prepare to die! *Two gunshots from a magnum*

Tommy: Die Gangbanger! *Multiple Shots from an M60*

  • Sound of a door breaking*

Sweet and Tommy: What the ****


Tommy: Not this Idiot!

Sweet: Oh. Shit!


  • Sound of windows shattering*

Ayano Katagiri: Let’s take a break for a moment with our sponsors...

Ammu-Nation: Too fat and Lazy to pick up a RPG!? Log on to Ammu-Nation to have it delivered the next morning! Mother-in-law being a bitch!? Check out Ammu-Nation’s Selection of Flamethrowers! Try to blow her up with a Landmine! There the gifts that keeps on giving! Y2K it’s coming and you better be ready check our one and only Y2K Kit with enough Firepower to level a small country Cheezus! Log on to Ammu-Nation. Com Now!

Narrator: Now back to Pressing Issues with Ayano Katagiri.

Tommy: I’m outta bullets for this M60! No worries *Gunshots from a Sub Machine Gun*

Sweet: Bring it on Pasta boy! *Gunshots from a Magnum*

Jack Howitzer: I CAN TAKE YOU ALL ON!!! *Multiple Gunshots from a Military Rifle*

Ayano Katagiri: Um... Welcome back to Morality: Pressing Issues... With-

  • Sound of a door breaking*

Jack Howitzer: What the?

Maurice: DIE! *Multiple Gunshots from a Machine Gun Followed by an Explosion*

Ayano Katagiri: That’s all for *Gunshots* See you again next *gunshots* Bai! *Explosion*

Narrator: That was Morality proving why the American’s are so respected culturally around the world. *Gunshots from a Machine Gun followed by an Explosion*

Niko Bellic: This is Entertaining America, A news broadcast that ruined most of the hosts’ life just because of doing this. In addition, here is your host Ayano Katagiri. For our special quick episode.

Ayano Katagiri: Hello and Welcome to Entertaining America with me Ayano Katagiri! We have our guest who has killed the first host of the show and attacked my show Jack Howitzer.


Ayano Katagiri: Helloooooo, you are in America!

Jack: Oh, Yeah.

Ayano Katagiri: Your “Special Needs Cop” Movie had the Mothers Rallying against you through I liked that movie...

Jack: Thank you. Wait how old are you?

Ayano Katagiri: Reset 12 why?

Jack: Little Lacy Surprise?

Ayano Katagiri: Nope, Cannot do that I will be considered Moe despite the fact I am uniquely unusually based on a Male character... if that happens. Thus ruining this wiki’s reputation.

Niko Bellic: What wiki?

Ayano Katagiri: ...You are better off not knowing it...

Jack: You do not support my sponsors then you must DIE!

Ayano Katagiri: Oh, Great Am I Billy Dexter #2?

Jack: Wear em!

Ayano Katagiri: Psychopaths... You can never have enough of them...

Jack: Wear em or Die!

Ayano Katagiri: Yeah you wish! Sides you got no gun!

Jack: Oh yeah? *Pistol gun cock*

Ayano Katagiri: You had a gun in your underpants... Real classic...


Director: Jack calm down!



Everyone: *SCREAM*

The scene cuts to Niko Bellic pointing a gun to Jack Howitzer

  • Gunshot*

Ayano Katagiri: Sucker! I knew this would happen! Thanks Niko!

Niko Bellic: No, Ayano thank you.

Roman Bellic: That was the Quick preview of Entertaining America and this is GTAR, Grand Theft Auto Radio... Where crime is a common word... Up next is “GTANN” Hosted by Plenair, Claude Speed and Xin.

Xin: Okay... I’m here at GTAR with a pair of mute characters... Let’s go to Liberty City to find out what is going on there Niko Bellic.

SFX- Police Siren

Xin: Um... Niko Bellic....

LCPD: Put your hands up! You’re arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon!

Niko Bellic: This is not a good way to treat a visitor in your country...

SFX- Gunshots from an AK-47

Little Jacob: Come on Niko!

Niko Bellic: I’m coming.

SFX- Car Door closing

SFX- Multiple Police Siren

Niko Bellic: You are not going to get me that easily.

SFX: Gunshots followed by an Explosion

Xin: Oh... Okay. That was Niko Bellic proving Liberty City is um... Next is Ayano Katagiri for San Andreas!

Sweet: Yo Big Bomb! Some noodle boy callin ya!

Xin: Big Bomb!?

Ayano Katagiri: Oh hey Xin! This is Big Bomb AKA Ayano Katagiri with the...

Carl Johnson: The most powerful gangsta’s of Los Santos the Grove man.

Grove Street Family: OH YEAH!!!

Xin: Wait... Big Bomb... Uh... Ayano you’re a member of the Grove Street Families?

Ayano Katagiri: Oh yeah homie!

Xin: Oh great... From Don to a Gangbanger... Well what’s your report?

Ayano Katagiri: Well we...

GSF OG’s: Yo Big Bomb say it like a Real Gangsta kay?

Ayano Katagiri: Okay back to you homie!

Xin: That is all for Grand Theft Auto News Network!


  • Meteor922 from another website for transcript creation
  • My Uncle for grammar correction.

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