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"I'm here to deliver some bad luck."
—Train Heartnet's signature introductory phrase, when speaking to enemies.
Train Heartnet
Train Heartnet
Name Train Heartnet
Role Hero
Weapon Hades (handgun)
Abilities Railgun
Special Bullets
Black Claw
Limit Breaks Burst Railgun
Black Cross
Class Bounty Hunter
Status Alive

Train Heartnet is a sweeper (bounty hunter), and was once the world's foremost assassin. He has been called the "ultimate gunman", and despite his power and reputation, he's quite a goofball. Train's alias was the "Black Cat", and one of his signature quotes is "I'm here to deliver some bad luck." Train isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but his accuracy and agility are beyond superhuman. In the Final Emblem continuity, he appears to be Tearju Lunatique's girlfriend.

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