Toy Box
Toy Box
Origin Toy Story
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Signs of Zodiac
Party Member Woody Pride
Buzz Lightyear

Toy Box is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Signs of Zodiac. You shrink to the size of toys in this world so you can interact with the toys. The world has a weird setting. While you are in Andy's Room you find yourself in a Wild West/Space Adventure crossover while outside of Andy's Room you are in the normal world. The world originates from the Pixar film, Toy Story. The world is a side-world and isn't required to complete in order to progress.

Settings and Areas





Character Design

Ascot Carver

Joshua Tamashii

Thomas Delatori

Amaya Natashi


Durandel Kusanagi



RC Racing

When you are outside of Andy's House you can race with RC toward Pizza Planet while avoiding the things that can slow you down on the way to there. For example; puddles, cones, holes, cracks etc.


  • This is the only world where you have two partners from that world available to the team.
  • Along with Axiom it is the first world to origiante from Pixar.
  • It is also the only game where you change your appearance to fit in.
  • The reason for Mr. Potato Head not appearing in this World is most likely due to the Death of Don Rickles, the voice actor of the character

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