This page is a list/explanation of Toxin's various powers and abilities.


Toxin's original weapon was a longsword called Hallucinogen, which was coated with various chemicals: hallucinogens, carcinogens, poisons, and even some types of corrosive acids. But when it was shattered by Juxak's Ultima spell, Xolduc ordered that a new, more powerful blade be found. Before long, Toxin found a cavern on Grand Tempest that housed a longsword much like what he'd lost. But this new sword, Pathogen, was infused with Darkness and had been cursed with sentience by all of the blood that previous wielders had shed with it. While it gave Toxin greater strength and power, it also demanded the blood of his enemies without remorse. A somewhat vampiric blade, Pathogen can give Toxin some of a slain foe's power, but it can also refuse to lend Toxin that strength.

Command Abilites

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
0; 5% of Toxin's max HP
Toxin loses 5% of his max HP, but his next physical attack deals +80% damage, not counting critical hits. It is activated by screaming "Darkside!", and can be use as a combo, but only for three hits. It is deactivated at the end of the combo, or by saying "Light within Darkness."
Normal attack + 80%
Toxin rushes the opponent with Pathogen, inflicting three times his physical strength as dark damage and recovers 10% of the damage dealt fo health. Cooldown:2 turns.
Attack x3 (Dark-element)

Support/Growth Abilities

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
Spatial Disturbance
5 AP
90% of all MP. MP
Cannot be used in battle. Spatial Disturbance allows Toxin to disappear and then reappear. It's enormous MP cost is actually more of a blessing than a curse, since once activated, he can go ANYWHERE without any change in the MP cost, even alternate dimensions. However, he cannot use it more than once per day.
Blood Feud
4 AP
150 MP
Toxin goes into a berserker rage with Pathogen. His strength and speed are both tripled, and he gains Regen and Haste status for the duration. However, when utilizing Blood Feud, he is weakened for five minutes after it ends.
Finishing Plus
4 AP
0 MP
Enables Toxin to have another finisher at the end of a combo.
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