Scott (Shima Edition)
""A weapon from an unknown land; this sword is Scott's only defense against the Unversed.""
Strength Magic
+2 +1
Scott McCarthy
Aerodynamic - Air time is increased, and Aero magic and Aero magic-based attacks are powered up.
Obtained after defeating Vanitas alongside Aqua in the Realm Of Darkness.

The Tornadosword is Scott McCarthy's signature weapon in Heroes From An Old World. Although not a Keyblade in itself, it is almost as powerful as one, as it has been shown to be able to kill Unversed, albeit with difficulty. The Tornadosword is Scott's signature weapon.


The Tornadosword resembles a simple sword, with a red hilt and a steel blade, as well as some silver spikes at the connecting part between the blade and the shaft to provide a sort of crystalline effect. The Tornadosword has no other features, and due to it not being a Keyblade, it bears no significant Keychain.


  • The Tornadosword is NOT a Keyblade.
  • The Tornadosword can be knocked out of Scott's hands during combat, depriving him of the Aerodynamic ability, as well as causing him to lose 2 points of strength and 1 point of magic.
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