kingdom Hearts is out on Today But The Game is not Coming Soon until 2014 or 2015.

List of Worlds

  1. Game Centeral Station/Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph)
  2. Barn of Chickens,turkeies,Geese & Duckes (Chicken Little (1947))
  3. Hairy Tower/Colirna (Tangled)
  4. Notingham (Robin hood)
  5. Toy Place (Toy story)
  6. Monstropolis (Monster Inc.)
  7. Maypth Jungle (Jungle Book)
  8. Okay oaks (Chicken Little (2008))
  9. Snowy World of ice (Frozen)
  10. DuckBerg (Darkwing Dark & The Ducktales Movie)
  11. Tie Bewteen Ant Island (Bug's Life) & Pritson Cup (Cars)
  12. Twilight Bark of London (101 Dalmations)
  13. Prydian (the Black Caldruion)
  14. Louisiana of Wishes (Princess & The Frog)
  15. Priaside Falls (UP)
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