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Tomo Homota
Kana トモ ホモタ ("Tomo Homota")
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Avastar (Village Hidden in Illusion)
Weapon Buster Blade
Attribute Illusion, Ninjutsu, Lightning
Status Alive

Tomo Homota is a young man from the area Village Hidden in Illusion, a mini boss and a party member in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts.


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Tomo has mousy brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears an orange tank-top with his village's symbol on the front, and tan shorts covering net-like leggings. He wears his ninja headband on his left shoulder.

Almost always strapped to his back is his gigantic Buster Blade, which he uses frequently and easily in battle.


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Fighting Style

See: Tomo Homota (Boss)

In combat, Tomo wields an overly large sword known as Buster Blade, an ancestral sword passed down through generations. Despite his frail appearance, Tomo is more than capable of wielding it, and can produce speedy and long combos with it. When not using Buster Blade, Tomo relies on his numerous ninja tools as well as an array of Illusion and Lightning based Ninjutsu.

Once low on power, he will rely on his Seikyomaringan, a blood trait occular ninjutsu passed down only in the Homota bloodline. With Seikyomaringan, he can see immense distances, ensnare an opponent in a complex, unbreakable illusion, or even kill a target instantly through direct eye contact. Abusing the powers of the Seikyomaringan leads to blindness, however, and the only way to definitely avoid this fate is to release it constantly, which drains an enourmous amount of Chakra.

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