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The Toei Tokuverse is a name coined by GokaiWhite for the fictional universe where the Super Sentai[1], Metal Heroes[2], Kamen Rider[3] series all take place, as well as an umbrella term for those and any other Toei-produced Tokusatsu franchises. Marvel VS Super Sentai marks the first official use of this term, and the Tokuverse version of Earth is designated Earth-79203[4].


See: Kamen Rider side[3]Super Sentai side[1]Metal Heroes side[2]

The Superhero Infinity War

As Shin Seigi brings his team to the Tokuverse to get the Super Sentai's help, the mysteriously revived Lord Drakkon, from an alternate dimension of the Tokuverse[5], makes his way to Earth-199999 through equally unknown means to warn Iron Majin of Shin's efforts to build an army strong enough to take them both down.


  • Despite the Tokuverse-related events of MvSS also happening in the year 2023, there will be no direct representation of any Super Sentai or Kamen Rider seasons happening after Zyuohger or Kamen Rider Decade respectively.
    • Kyuranger happed in an alternate universe, and GokaiWhite refuses to use anything from that series onward. The in-universe explanation for this is that Shin needs to ensure there are still some Rangers/Riders around to protect their world in case of someone deciding to invade the Tokuverse.