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Toa Luminus
16-bit Toa Luminus
Name Toa Luminus
Members Cloud (leader)
Squall (deputy leader)
Aerith (honorary/posthumous)
Jikanmu (honorary)
Role Heroes
Story Bionic Fantasy
The Toa Luminus are a team of six Warriors of Light who are helping the Toa Metru save the planet Ankoku Nui from destruction. They make up (roughly) half the protagonists of Bionic Fantasy


Etymology and symbolism

"Luminus" comes from "lumine", which is a Latin word for "light", referring to the team members being called the Warriors of Light. Thus, "Toa Luminus" is Matoran for "Warriors of Light".

The inclusion of the main protagonists of Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 10, along with their love interests alludes to the Chinese concept of the Yin and Yang, as notably seen in Yuna and Tidus' characteristics, among other dualistic concepts.


  • They are the first Toa team to be completely comprised of humans, bar Jikanmu, an honorary member who actually is a Toa.
    • They are also all designed by Tetsuya Nomura, and Gokaihite chose this roster for coincidentally the same reason Nomura only let characters from games he designed characters for into the original Kingdom Hearts.
    • They are also the only Toa to be designated by a virtue, rather than an element.
  • Lightning and Noctis could possibly be the seventh and eighth Toa Luminus if GokaiWhite didn't maintain his emphasis on nostalgia in Bionic Fantasy. But they, along with Sora, would definitely be allied with them.
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