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Kana ティラ ("Tira")
Type Human
Role Keyblader of Twilight
Home World Twilight Town
Weapon Keyblade
Status Deceased

Tira was the chosen Keyblader of Twilight and Saule's love interest. Her Keyblade was Duality of the Heart, and her heart was later absorbed into Saule's, allowing Xaelus to wield her Keyblade as well.


A 14 year old girl named Tira lived on the world of Twilight Town with her two best friends, Aiden and Saule. Aiden and Saule are going to meet Tira at a jungle gym, which is their hangout spot. After hearing from another boy that there were strange, yellow eyed animals wandering around the old, spooky forest, the three friends decide to check it out. When they get there, they follow a trail of claw marks along trees, when Saule senses something. He says he can sense the heartbeats and smell the creatures. Finally they get lost too deep into the forest and come across ajar gates. They hear the clang of blades just beyond them. The three friends see two silvery white haired men bouting, one talking of returning darkness the other saying he's changed. After the fight causes the two men to warp away, a congregation of heartless appear and attack the trio. Saule is only equpped with two struggle swords and Aiden his ball. Tira fights too, with her fists. After fending off the pack of heartless, a twisted heartless with binding tendrils attacks the trio. It grabs Tira then dematerializes into the ground with her in hand. The boys chase after it as they can see it moving in the ground. They finally catch it in a cemetary (maybe) where it and a mob of heartless appear and attack them. An unfathomable number assault the kids and they are doomed. The Heartless start to feast on Tira. The boys fight through the mob, even though they are being overcome. With all his anger, Saule destroys the grappling Heartless, getting rid of the Shadows. Lying there is Tira, who is fading from her heart being eaten by the Heartless. Saule and Aiden rush to her crumpled body. Saule picks her up in his arms and yells at her to stay alive. She tells Saule that she will always be, in his heart. She hands him a keychain, and with that the poor girl faded into death.

Although Tira died, her heart really did live on in Saule's body, and, when Saule lost his heart to the darkness, Tira's heart was transferred to Xaelus, thus allowing him to duel-wield Keyblades.

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