Sure, I sense Time Warp's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Time Warp
"A Keyblade obtained from the stained light with Warp's heart."
Strength Magic
+4 +4
Stop Boost - Increases power of Stop magic and Stop-magic-based attacks; Quick Run+ - Increases running speed more than the normal support ability Quick Run
Defeat E-1,986 Timeweaver after finding Warp.

The Time Warp is a well-balanced Keyblade obtained after you defeat E-1,986 Timeweaver.


The Time Warp's guard looks somewhat like a clock, in the sense that there are roman numerals on both sides of the guard (the numerals are at the location of where they would be on a clock; for example, the left guard would have (from top to bottom) XI, X, IX, VIII, and VII, whereas the right guard would have (from top to bottom) II, III, IV, and V). All of the roman numerals are small, so they can fit on the guard.

The blade of the Time Warp is a larger version of the roman numeral I, with the teeth made out of three different colored versions of the Keyblade Master's Symbol (the one closest to Aqua is bronze, the one in the middle is silver, and the farthest one away from Aqua is colored gold). Both the guard and the main blade of the Time Warp are colored a cream white, with a black outline and black roman numerals.

The Keychain of the Time Warp is the roman numeral VI, since 6 is cut out from the guard, as well as 1.


  • The Time Warp is based off of finding the target (Warp) in the story, as well as also mentioning the time anomalies present within all the worlds.
  • The Time Warp's Keychain is the number VI, which is also Zexion's number in Organization XIII.
  • The Time Warp's main blade is the number I, which is Xemnas's number in Organization XIII. This may also hint at Xemnas's nature of being over everything else, as the number I is the main blade of the Time Warp.
  • The Time Warp greatly resembles a clock, in terms of appearance.
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