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Tidus (BF).png
Kana ティーダ
Romaji Tidasu(BIONICLE characters only)
Japanese Tīda
Origin Final Fantasy X (2001)
Type Human
Role Hero
Age 17-18
Gender Male
Alignment Toa Luminus
Home World Zanarkand
Other residences Spira
Family Jecht (father, deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Weapon Brotherhood, Blitzballs
Attribute Water
Status Alive
English Voice James Arnold Taylor
Japanese Voice Masakazu Morita

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Tidus is a former Blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes, Yuna's guardian, and now christened the Toa Luminus of Hope.


Maintaining his usual cheerful attitude, Tidus sympathizes with the Toa Metru who were taken from the world they knew, as he had once been, particularly becoming fast friends with Vakama(they both miss their old homes of Zanarkand and Ta-Metru respectively), Nokama(Tidus sees the makings of a Blitzball player in her and made her laugh once), and Matau(they're both very lighthearted people who brighten their friends' moods), encouraging them to stay positive and move forward. Despite Tidus wanting to go back to Spira with Yuna, they both agree to help Vakama and Nokama find their separated brothers and stop Ankoku Nui's decay before anything else.

Role in a possible Final Fantasy X-3

Joining Yuna on her journey to once more defeat Sin, who had been beckoned back to the physical plane, Tidus meets an angsty young man named Akira, and they try to develop a father-son relationship. Though Akira would unfairly reprimand his companions for doing side quests, Tidus hopes he can change the newcomer's attitude for the better, without feeling forced to repeat Jecht's own mistakes.


  • No matter what the voice setting for the FF or BIONICLE character groups are, the latter will always call Tidus by his English name.
    • The only exception (so far) is Jikanmu, who acts as if Tidus' name is of no consequence to him, as a throwback to how he's the only playable character in Final Fantasy X whose name can be changed.