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The World That Never Was in the Kingdom Hearts IV Series.

The World That Never Was is a Abandoned area that became the base of the Saint's Row in The Saint's and Diablo's, Afternoon of Darkness and Dissidia. However, Compared to it's past form in the Original Kingdom Hearts it bares a similarity to Earth for unknown reasons, and is the Home World of Ayano Katagiri


Unusually, The World That Never Was has nearly no color once the player unlocks the area. Similar to Retro universes in the Original Kingdom Hearts. Everyday it snows in the area, Making the area very cold. Unsually, This area disables the ability to cast magic and only physical attacks are allowed. Aside from the Saint's Row, No living beings are in this area. In short there are no Random Encounters. It's theme is commonly lonely to the fact that the sky is gray and it snows all the time.


The Final Remnant

Still Thinkin...

Kingdom Hearts IV Series

Mostly shown in The Saint's and Diablo's and a Extra Mission for The Final Remnant, The World That Never was has no conflict and is peaceful. However, in The Afternoon of Darkness this area is where the Saint's Row resides which is the primary antagonist of Priere as she attacks the area in the beginning but fails.

Notable Residents

  • Ayano Katagiri Home World
  • Xin The Final Remnant only (If purchased the Safe hounse in the area)
  • December Haruhi, The Saints and Diablo's and The Afternoon of Darkness only.
  • Saint's Row (All Series)

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