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The Void is an original location in Inexistent Misadventure.

Existing before, after, around, and between universes – not that any of these space-time comparatives actually make sense in the context of such a non-place – is the Void. It is formed of pure, absolute Nothingness, and is emptier even than a perfect vacuum. No entity can exist there for more than the briefest of periods (not that time has any meaning in the Void), as it is sheer anathema to all but the non-existent.

Accordingly, the only presence in the Void is the ancient nonentity Sorceror Nobody, at least until he is ejected when the TARDIS collides with him. Ordinarily, he can move between the Void and universes at will, but the incident strips him of this ability, leaving him stranded in a blank reality which leads him to the Dark Margin. Arguably, due to the nontemporal nature of the Void, Sorceror Nobody is actually still in the Void in what can be best (but still inaccurately) described as an "external timeline". Nonetheless, his personal timeline behaves in a way more comprehensible to those existent in fewer dimensions, i.e. it mainly proceeds linearly from his point of view while he is outside the Void.

Sorceror Nobody's ultimate goal throughout the story is to regain his full capabilities and return to the Void.

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