The Sisters of Life
Kana 人生の姉妹 (Jinsei no shimai)
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance
Original Name Time, Life, and Fate
Type Anthropoligic Cats/ Goddesses
Role Key
Age Unknown/ Appears 23+
Home World Graveyard of Dreams
Weapon Rod, Claws, Keyblades
Attribute Life
Status Dead

The Sisters of Life are key characters from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance


The three of them are cat anthros, or half-human, half-animal. Fate is a tan anthro, Time is black, and Life is white. For more info on each of their appearances, check out their articles.


Back Story

The sisters were born into the town of Beginning of Time, in which the sisters parents were the cheifs. At a young age, the three had no idea of their amazing powers. Once they got older, they were trained by the keyblade master in the village. They all turned out to be able to wield the keyblade, but only one of them could be the master.

The Journey

The three traveled the many worlds and kept them safe from the Heartless and Nobodies. At the end of the journey, Time was killed by a heartless. Fate and Life carried on to the final Heartless without Time, but Life was also killed. Fate defeated the heartless and went back home to see that her entire village had been destroyed. She left and stayed in Holy Arxaith for the rest of her life, then was killed by one of the protectors of the waters. Being one of strong will, her soul went to the Graveyard of Dreams.

Now and Forever

Once the party reaches the Graveyard of Dreams, the three contact Xid, who is the most in touch with her spirit. They explain to her that they can bring back three people. There are some guidelines though. One person had to have helped decide your fate, one had to have helped you become who you now are in life, and one had to have helped you out time to time. There is also one downside. The awaked person will only remember whoever awaked them. Xid explains this to the party and they carry on to awaken the chosen people. Kairi chose Aqua, for she had given her the Keyblade. Aqua then chose Fate, for she could see much potential in her. Later, once everyone was asleep, Xid went to Marluxia's grave. She cried and one tear landed on his crystalized body. That made him awake from his crystal sleep.


Each of the sisters weilds a keyblade. Fate has the longer ones, Time has the medium ones, and Life has the shortest ones.

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