The Shinobi Nations
Origin Naruto
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded, Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded II
Theme Music The Shinobi Nations Theme
Battle Music The Shinobi Nations Battle Theme
Party Member Naruto Uzumaki

The Shinobi Nations (そのしのびれっこく) is a world unique to the Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded series and appears at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded as a bonus world and makes a full appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded II. In Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded, the storyline takes place in between Part I and Part II of Naruto when Naruto and Jiraiya on traveling through the world so that Naruto can train. In Kingdom Hearts Reloaded II, Naruto's travels are over and Naruto returns back to his home, the Hidden Leaf Village.


The Shinobi Nations is a very large world, probably the largest in all of Kingdom Hearts and is made up of many countries containing Ninja Villages. Out of the many ninja villages and countries in The Shinobi Nations, there are only five who are considered great. The Great Shinobi Nations as they are the Leaf, Sand, Rock, Mist, and Cloud villages, Naruto being of the Leaf Village.


  • The Shinobi Nations is the only non-original new world to appear in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded while all other new worlds appearing in the game are original and all other worlds are returning Disney Worlds or other worlds from the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • The main antagoist of the Reloaded saga Madara Uchiha is from this world.

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