The Round Table (Lucidian Priority One Strategic Area B7R)
Origin Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
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Government Joint Realm of Light/Jovian Protectorate
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Stories Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy
Battle Music Winter Storm (1st Boss Theme)

Rage Awakened Rock Remix (2nd Boss Theme)
The Unsung War (Final Boss Theme)

The Round Table is a world in Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy, and is the site of the Final Boss Battle between Task Force 16 (the Ghosts of Razgriz) and Ashley Heimroth, the main antagonist of the Trilogy.


The geography of the 'Round Table' is very unique. The boundaries of this world are mountains that runs through this area and reates a circle. This world borders the world of Hoffnung and the Steir Mountain range that makes up the boundary between Northern and Southern Lucidia. The area has a semi-arid climate, but it has rich deposits of minerals. The exact concentration of these minerals are unknown until a detailed geological survey of the area can be organized. In the distant geological past, water might have flowed through this area creating 'ripples' in the ground. Also the extremely weathered surfaces of the mountains also reinforces that this area periodically recieves heavy rain storms.

This world was the site of many battles that took place during the Lucidian War. Warriors who distinguish themselves here are known as "Knights of the Round Table." Three Such individuals who became "Knights" during the Lucidian War were Erieste Otsdarva (The Lionheart), Maximillian Thermidor (The Knight of Legacy) and Wolfgang Buchner (Huckebein the Raven.)

Raven would also distinguish himself in the field, as he (and later on him and his allies) dueled against Grey Men Leader, Keyblade Master Ash Heimroth, after his plan to enact vengeance on the Realm of Light and the Heartless Empire failed.

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