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The Rebellion
Name The Rebellion
Members Xid










Role Protagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance

The Rebellion is a group of ten nobodies exiled from the organization. You can tell the difference between the Rebellion and the organization because of the marks under their eyes. The marks are called "Marks of Shame". They are given to any nobody exiled from the organization. The marks are written in their own blood, because nobody blood can't wear off.


  • Iopex
  • Rixa


The Beginning

The Rebellion started because a group of nobodies brought into the organization thought that what they were doing wasn't right. Xid and Xaslamach, no. I and II, founded the group and made The Hideout  in Radiant Garden. After that, the other six members were found and brought to the hideout, and they lived there until Sora and com. came.

New Members

After they go to Underland in the story, they found Terexala, a wandering nobody. She said that she had nowhere to go, so Xid invited her into the group. Terexala accepted and left the world with them.

Betrayal and Death

Amarex and Rixa

Rixa, being very interested with life and death, inexistence and fading, accidentally re-created Organization XII. How this happened, it is unknown. Xemnas saw the threat from the group and made Rixa kill the members. Rixa refused and tried to walk away, but Xemnas told him if he didn't, he'd kill him. So, after that, Rixa went back to the hideout to start the exicutions. Actually, the only one he was able to kill was Amarex becuase Xaslamach killed him before he did any more harm.


Iopex, liking Xaslamach, was perfectly fine until Cartina and Noctiri came into the picture. The two didn't want anyone to like their brother, and Iopex didn't want them to interfere. One noght when the two were taking a walk, Iopex took one of her snipers and was about to shoot them when they said in unison; "Come out Iopex.". She jumped down from the boulder she was on, keeping the gun pointed towards them. All the two did was laugh, and using their telekenesis powers, grabbed the gun. Noctiri appeared behind Iopex, put her in a headlock, and pointed the gun to her head. With two words, "Good bye.", she shot her in the head. That was The Nightrider's last stand.


Each of the members has a different attribute, just like the Organization.

  • Xid- plants
  • Xaslamach- darkness
  • Xerena- sound
  • Zaxer- summons
  • Xaed- fire
  • Amarex- wind
  • Iopex- animals
  • Rixa- rocks/gems
  • Terexala- glass
  • Nexin- paint
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