The Pact is an item from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. Considered the most important document in existence, it acts as a gateway for Pact Wielders to fufill their duty.


The War of Worlds' Hearts had raged on for twenty long years. In an attempt to secure the hearts of the worlds, the three factions, Keybearers, Heartless, and Nobodies, had destroyed the very worlds they were trying to claim. Very few warriors remained alive, and so they met on the last remaining world, Sunset Horizons, to determine who would control this last great heart.

The battle raged on, until only three were left standing - the leaders of the respective factions, Atossa of the the Keybearers, Darius of the Heartless, and Cyrus of the Nobodies. Finally realizing the foolishness of their greed, the three laid down their arms and drafted a pact of peace, a pact that would ensure that no war of that magnitude would ever threaten the worlds ever again. To seal the pact and give its power, the three leaders each gave their soul to the pact, to live eternally forevermore within its ink and paper to prevent such calamity.

On that day, the mixture of the three souls combined to create a new entity, Fick. She lives on as the physical manifestation of the pact itself, holding and defending the ideals of the three factions equally.

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