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The Nothing
Name The Nothing
Members (Loading...)
Role Antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story

The Nothing is a group of powerful, villainous nobodies who serve as important antagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story.


  1. Bob
  2. Joe
  3. horsdfmwsfus
  4. Salax
  5. axel"orgx.13"
  6. Xyrok
  7. Ventais
  8. Terra
  9. Aqua
  10. Riku
  11. Xion
  12. Coca The unicron
  13. Patrick star
  14. Mr.krab
  15. Squidward
  16. Spongebob
  17. Dudley puppy
  18. Kitty katswel
  19. Timmy tunner
  20. Baby proof
  21. Homer simpson


So far, their goal has not been revealed in the story.

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