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The New Organization/The Organization
Name The New Organization/The Organization
Members Sulcax

Galexgan Kyxiel Soixjah Xac-Shii - - - - Nalxson

Role 50/50 protagonists/antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun

This article is about the New Organization from Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun.

The New Organization is a small group of Nobodies who came into existence just five months after the first Organization XIII's defeat. Had the events that transpired to create this new group been earlier Sora's victory over the previous Organization might have failed. This group has two sides to it, the one mostly led by Galexgan and the other by the current leader Sulcax. The group is simply reffered to as the Organization or the New Organization since having continued the numbering sequence of the last group this one started at the number fourteen.


Membership is as follows, in the order in which they first appeared:

14. Sulcax - The Cynical Puppeteer

15. Galexgan - The Relentless Sun

16. Kyxiel -

17. Soixjah - The Serious Sentinal

18. Xac-Shii -

19. (to be added) - The Boisterous Hero

20. (To be added) - The Whirlwind Swordsman

21. (To be added) - The Frozen Acedemic

22. (To be added) -

23. Nalxson - Luck's Lover


This new group was founded after the first Organization's defeat and continues many of the old traditions of re-naming, wearing the coat, title giving, and even continues from the numbers of the previous Organization. When the New Organization was founded Sulcax and Galexgan thought that the title Organization XXIII did not give the proper vibe and so they simply called it the Organization, though most everyone else calls it the New Organization.

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