The Lost World
Origin Original
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded
Theme Music Lost World Theme
Battle Music Lost World Theme
Party Member None
The Lost World is a world appearing in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded and is the home to the Trinity Heartless: Alpha, Omega, and Delta which were created by the being Xero. The Trinity Heartless are powerful Heartless servants, loyal to the being Xero and help control the many Heartless swarming the worlds. After the Trinity Heartless were destroyed by Houka, the Heartless swarm took a major hit and began to die down as the Trinity Heartless provided a main power source.


The Lost World is utterly a wasteland and has nothing much too it, miles and miles of barren waste is what makes up the world and there appears to be nothing else inhabitating the world besides many Heartless and the Trinity Heartless.

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