The Library
Pagemaster 05
Origin The Pagemaster (1994)
Theme Music Whatever You Imagine
Battle Music A Stormy Ride to the Library
Party Member Richard Tyler

The Library is the name, and main hub, of the world. From here, each of the five sections of the library, each with their own individual boss, can be accessed, though each part of the library must be explored individually and the following part will only be opened when the boss for that section has been defeated.

Section 1: The Main Hub: The Main Hub is the entrance to the library from which each area can be accessed, and it is also the location of the first boss The Paint Dragon. Once The Paint Dragon is defeated, the Horror Section is opened.

Section 2: The Horror Section: The Horror Section is literally what it's name says it is. In this section of The Library, Heartless run free, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde are the bosses and the way back to the Main Hub, and the access to Section 3, lies beyond the mansion of Doctor Jekyll.

Section 3: The Adventure Section: Once again, this section is literally what it says on the tin. There are Heartless in this section of the Library too. Long John Silver rules this section of the library with a wooden leg, and iron fist and a temper to match. The only access to section four lies on one of the nearby islands, but only two things stand in the way; Long John Silver... and the great white whale!

Section 4: The Fantasy Section: Like before, this section is what it says it is. Flying carpets, Genies, Mother Goose and much more all reside in this world, but it is ruled by a tyrannical dragon that must be defeated for the fifth and final section to be unlocked. Unfortunately, this is not easy as The Heartless, drawn by the darkness in the Dragon's heart, run wild in this area.

Section 5: The Exit: Here, the ruler of the library awaits. The Pagemaster! All that needs to be done here is one more battle against the Heartless. But this time, it's a big one! The Enchanter awaits in this section. The Enchanter, who blocks the exit, uses attacks of all the bosses of each area. Once The Enchanter is defeated, the way out is revealed.

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