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The Jabberwocky
Kana ジャーバーヲーキー
Origin Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Original Name Jābāwoukī
Type Somebody
Role World Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Underland
Family None
Weapon Breath attack, claws, teeth
Attribute Dark
Status Dead

The Jabberwocky is a character encountered in Underland in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is only seen by Anthony DiNotte, but Alexis LaReine hears mention of it during her time there.


The Jabberwocky is a great and terrible monster that the Red Queen uses for only her most important tasks. She first used it to take over Underland, attacking the White Queen and stealing the crown and Vorpal Sword in the confusion. The Jabberwocky most likely went dormant after this attack, waiting for the Frabjous Day when he would face Alice wielding the Vorpal Sword. Events set in motion by Lily, Alex, and Anthony brought about this fateful battle, and Alice emerges victorious by beheading the Jabberwocky.

Fighting Style

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The Jabberwocky is a magic-heavy boss that uses Fire-based and Thunder-based abilities, such as Dark Fire, Dark Bolt, Jabberwock Fang and Jabberwock Claw. Since only Alice can damage it with physical attacks, it is best to concentrate on the Red Queen and her waves of Unversed.

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