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The Hideout is the main resting place (Home) for the heroes of Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. Its door is the small waterfall in the marketplace in Hallow Bastion/ Radiant Garden.


Hallway of Nothing's Haven

  • Here is where you can enter most of the rooms. It also serves as a welcome room for those who enter. It is painted a pale shade of grey with green nobody symbols around the rim. On a couple of places on the large domed ceiling are tapestries that Amarex made. On the them are pictures of feats that the The Rebellion had done. The floor is a grey and white large checkerboard print.

Hatred Blossom's Garden

  • This is Xid's "Room". It is decorated so that it seems that you are outside. Huge Redwood, Bonsai, Cherry Blossom, and many other kinds of trees sprout up from everywhere. A bed made of tangled twigs, vines, and other plants hangs in the middle of the room. Birds and other wildlife live in the many trees and plants, giving it the aura of a majestic forest.

Darkness's Furthest Reach

Air Temple of Devastation

  • This "Room" belongs to Amarex. When you step in, it seems that you have traveled back to when Greek and Roman temples rose over everything. Many large pearl Corinthian coloumns hold up a pearl and marble ceiling. Small shrubs grow around the coloumns.

Rhapsodic Disco of Chaos

  • This is where Xerena's room is located. It is shapen just like an orb, but the floor is flat. The "walls" are pitch black with flourecent music notes all over them. The music notes double as speakers, which are usually playing techno music. Hanging on the middle of the ceiling is a huge disco ball. When the "light" is turned off, that, along with the disco floor, light up brightly. Bright blue spiral stairs go around the whole orb, eventually reaching a platform. The platform is where her bed and other things are. When going to sleep, she can snap her fingers and make the stairs dissapear so no one can get to the bed. The room was originally supposed to be both Xerena and Zaxer's, but Zaxer found that the library was a better place to live.
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