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The First Remnant is the First mission in the "Episodes from the Past" Revealing who really killed Final Remnant.

The First Remnant

December 24, 2012

Area- Foggy in the Remnant Family’s area

Final Remnant: ...So... How is Malevolence?

Associate: Doing well. Human Transmutation can do very well once perfected with a certain stone.

Final Remnant: I see.

Xin: ...

Dark: So... We made an artificial human.

Final Remnant: Not just artificial. A person who can change the world with a simple thought.

Dark: Unique.

Associate: Indeed.

Xin: (Malevolence...?)

-The Scene cuts to Final Remnant in a Food store-

Final Remnant: ...Carrots check...

King: Final, Do you know anything from Human Transmutation?

Final Remnant: No.

Kyle Remnant: King...?

Dark: Kyle that is something you must not learn.

Final Remnant: Take Kyle away and Make sure he stays safe.

Dark: Yes sir.

  • The Scene cuts to Kyle*

Kyle Remnant: How is Daddy?

Dark: ...

  • Gunshots*

Kyle Remnant: Dad!


Lunar: Sorry Final just business...

  • A gunshot from a Magnum*

December 24, 2017

Malevolence: Ahh who gives a Damn about him!

Dark: How dare y-

  • Gunshot*

Malevolence: Anyone else? No? Good, From now on I am not Malevolence call me by my real name Ayano Katagiri understood?

Everyone: Yes mam! Ayano Katagiri: ...King....

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