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The Dreams are the creatures that oppose The Nightmares in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance.


Each of the dreams are the crytsalized spirits of The Gems, the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Gems. Because of that, they are all made of Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, ect. Depending on who you choose to follow throughout the story, the kind of dream you will find differs.


When the Gems gave all their power to create the Waters of Hope, their spirits were crystalized in the process. In pity of the Nobodies, they captured the free hearts, broke them, and scattered the shards among themselves. Each of the dreams took the shards to the keyhole of each world, in order to not only keep the world safe, but to also make sure the broken piece of the heart didn't fade. When the keyhole is sea;ed, they will present the piece of the broken heart to the nobody who's storyline you followed.

Kinds and Attributes

Each of the different dreams comes with one good and one "bad" emotion.

  • Emerald- Caring and Envy
  • Ruby- Anger and Love
  • Sapphire- Sorrow and Exuberence
  • Onyx- Hatred and ...
  • Diamond- Vilegence and Boastfullness
  • Opal- Forgetfulness and Faith
  • Tourmaline- Sloth and Bravery
  • Amethyst- Fright and Encouragment


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