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The Dodo
Origin Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Alias N/A
Type Sombebody
Role Supporting World Character
Age Unknown
Home World Underland
Family N/A
Weapon N/A
Attribute N/A
Status Alive
The Dodo is a supporting character that Lily meets during her trip to Underland. He is a member of the White Resistence.


He escorts her, along with Alice, to Absolem's Alcove, where they all listen as he states that the Alice they have brought is "not hardly" the "right" Alice. After this, the Bandersnatch arrives and the Dodo is captured by the Red Queen's Card Soldiers. Later on, Alex sees him briefly in Salazen-Grum, as the Queen's caddy during their croquet game.


the Dodo wears a waistcoat, just like Nivens McTwisp does. He also appears to wear a monocle. He has gray feathers, and a orange beak with a red tip.

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