The Coachman
Kana ?
Romaji ?
Origin Pinocchio
Type Human
Role Villain/Enemy/Antagonist
Age 60s
Gender Male
Alignment Bad and evil
Home World Pleasure Island
Other residences Farplane (in dark ghost form)
Family None
Weapon Whip
Attribute Darkness
Status Deceased, but alive in Farplane...
English Voice ?
Japanese Voice ?
The Coachman is a character who is originally from Disney's Pinocchio, and is also the main antagonist of the animated movie.

In KH: ITHOTCR, The Coachman serves as the confidante of Ardyn; he shows totally no remorse like Judge Claude Frollo; both of them are purely evil along with Ardyn, Kefka and Emperor Mateus. He enjoys sadism, torment and torture to young boys and girls but also young keybladers. The violence in the videogame has been mitigated for E10 and youngsters.

He spares the girls but they are treated like his slaves but boys end up as donkeys. Fulmen and Lumina find the true nature of The Coachman as the Xehanort Heartless VIrus is inside him, thus gaining dark and evil affinity. He escapes and sides with Monstro.

However, his role has been altered as he commands Monstro inside, thus threatening to kill Pinocchio and Gepetto, his plan is ultimately foiled when Lumina, Fulmen, Chronus and Umbrae along with their warriors stop him. Lumina refuses to kill him as her heart is of pure light.

Later, he dies in disgrace (like for example, getting hanged on the rope to fall to death) and Lumina says, "he was corrupted to the core and eternal damnation."

His body turns to dark dust with particles and go to Ardyn as he appears and he absorbs the soul of The Coachman, meaning he taunts Lumina and her allies.

Lumina and allies report back to Yen Sid.

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