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The Call is the third mission of Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant. This mission introduces Kyle Remnant, a long-lost family member of the Remnant family.



Before Objective

[Cell phone rings]

Xin: Oh, God... It's Ayano again... Damn! Hello?

Kyle: Hey Xinny!

Xin: Wait... Kyle!?

Kyle: Yeah! Xin, I'm back. I heard that the position for boss is still open?

Xin: No, Ayano took it.

Kyle: What!? Then wanna help me get rid of her?

Xin: Sure, no problem.

Kyle: Sure, but first take care of some Triads down at Alderney, capiche?

Xin: Are you nuts!? I'm a Triad! Well, at least, long ago I was....

Kyle: That's the spirit! Now get over there and kill them!

[Closes cell phone]

Xin: Hnnng....

Kill all Traids at Saint Mark's Bistro!

After Objective

Objective Complete

Kyle: Xinny! You did well! Don't worry, you've got a big job in my book!

Xin: Okay. But I won't do that again....

Kyle: No prob!

[Xin sighs]

Mission Complete!

Chapter change<-{O}->The Call... Again

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