Origin Iron Man #55 (February 1973)
Alias Mad Titan, Deathbringer
Type Alien
Role Villain, Secret Boss
Home World Titan
Family Mentor A'lars (Father)
Weapon Infinity Gauntlet
Attribute Infinity Stones
Status Alive
English Voice Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
Thanos is a super powerful entity who is after the six Infinity Stones, which, when gathered, will grant him ultimate power and godhood.


It turns out that Thanos was coerced into his role of culling the universe by Majin Tyrant, who instigated a cataclysm that destroyed almost every one of the Mad Titan's race. Whether or not Thanos learned the truth of his people's near extinction, Tyrant threatened to wipe out all life in the universe unless Thanos could cut the universe's population in half with the power of the Infinity stones and Gauntlet.


Considering Majin Tyrant's already superior strength, Thanos truly believed no one could beat the Devil-God and began his search for the Infinity Stones. Despite having gathered all the stones, the Mad Titan himself was bested by Sora. It was then that Thanos saw Sora's potential to unlock the Most Incredible Power in the Universe and realized that Majin Tyrant had secretly took the real Infinity Gauntlet. He converted the fake Gauntlet into Keyblade form and gave it to Sora, expressing his hopes that Majin Tyrant would finally be destroyed as retribution for his deceptions, though his reasons for this remain ambiguous.


  • Thanos was once in possession of another, supposedly powerless, Infinity Gauntlet, which he apparently allowed the Majin Tyrant to modify and use for himself. However, it is soon revealed that Tyrant switched Gauntlets, taking the real one for himself, which explains why, gameplay-wise, Thanos cannot use the full power of the Infinity Stones, as an early hint to the deliberate mix-up.
  • Most of Thanos' special attacks come from his appearance as the final boss in Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems.

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