Origin Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (2010)
Type Keyblade Wielder
Role Ally
Age 19 (Should be 31, but has not aged due to being trapped inside Master Xehanort's body.)
Home World The Land of Departure
Weapon Earthshaker
Status Alive
"I let the Darkness take me before, but not this time! Never again!"
—Terra, when confronted by Master Xehanort.

Terra, from The Land of Departure, is a Keyblade Bearer who has been trapped inside the body of Master Xehanort for twelve years. Best friends with Aqua and Ventus, he is teaming up with Sora and the others to find them.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Twelve years ago, Terra let the Darkness in his heart take over him, and he was engulfed by the Darkness. Master Xehanort merged with him, using Terra's body to live longer. Eventually, when this body - which became Xehanort, the apprentice of Ansem the Wise - gave into the Darkness, Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort, retained the appearance of Terra, while Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, only retained a few features. Now freed from Master Xehanort's body, Terra has joined forces with Sora and company to find Aqua and Ventus.

Second Entry

Twelve years ago, Terra was unknowingly tricked by Master Xehanort, and unintentionally helped him in his plans. Master Xehanort used his body to live on, and Terra's subconscious was locked in an eternal battle with the subconscious of Master Xehanort. Corrupted by the Darkness, Terra's subconscious eventually lost the battle and Master Xehanort's subconscious gained full control. Now free, Terra has joined with Sora and company to rescue his friends. It seems, that, despite meeting them twelve years ago, Terra does not recognise Sora and Riku.

Third Entry

Twelve years ago, Terra failed to become a Keyblade Master, and the desire to be one clouded his heart, which became filled with Darkness and eventually caused him to fall into Darkness and be possessed by Master Xehanort. Now, free from Master Xehanort's grip, Terra has joined forces with Sora and company to find his friends.

Fourth Entry

Terra fell to Darkness twelve years ago, and, unknowingly, caused a chain of events that rippled throughout the years. Master Xehanort used his body to do experiments on the heart under Ansem the Wise, and then became a Heartless and a Nobody. The Heartless possessed Riku, filling his heart with Darkness, while the Nobody founded Organization XIII, who were defeated by Sora. Terra, aided by Sora and company, searches for his friends. He claims that it is his fault that they - and the Land of Departure - are gone. His wish is to find them, restore the Land of Departure and be forgiven for his actions.

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