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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance
Original Name Realeta
Alias Rexy

Lady of Madness

Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 18
Home World Underland
Family Tea, Dorul (husband), Chess (daughter), Cards (son)
Weapon Hands, Martial Arts
Attribute Glass
Status Alive

Terexala (Tay-rex-ah-la) The Fragile Marauder is rank IX in The Rebellion from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She controls the Lady Luck nobodies.

Journal Entries


"An odd girl who seems to be a little crazy. Her pet "dog", Tea, is actually a Rabid Dog heartless, but she doesn't seem to care. Still, she is an amazing fighter and will attack with her razor-sharp glass shards.


Terexala has deep purple eyes and fairly pale skin. Her hair is shoulder-length and blonde in color. It is partly covered by her cornflower blue beret that has a black band and a coral button. A red piece of ribbon ties a lock of hair on her left side. She wears a poufy pure white poet's blouse that has no sleeves. A black bow that has a heart in the middle

Realeta at a young age

ties around the neck. A cornflower blue skirt/corset the has white ribbons going up the sides starts right beneath her bosom. A small black "apron" with white markings ties at her waist with a white bow. On the back of her dress is a large white bow. A black fringe peeks just from under the outfit. She wears white stockings that have a cornflower blue trim and bow. Her shoes are cornflower blue tennis shoes that have baby pink laces and a black sole. White markings decorate those as well. The only thing alike about her and her other is the fact that they both have blonde hair, an "x" made from ribbon around a piece of hair, and purple eyes.

Alternate Costumes


She is very relaxed and a bit off her rocker, but that is what makes Terexala herself! When she sees something that is cute in any way, she freaks out, often going on a rant about it. To top it all off, she has a brittish accent.




She can use her hands to shoot glass projectiles at her enemies as well as using powerful martial arts.




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