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Kana 天空
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Tragic Emotion
Alias Tenny
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist
Age 12 (KH:TE)
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World Destiny Islands
Other residences Traverse Town
Family Sora (Father)
Kairi (Mother)
Michelle (Sister)
Keiko (Sister)
Justin Watson (uncle)
Maya (aunt)
Marissa Watson (cousin)
Jason, Johnny, and Joey (Triplet cousins)
Weapon Kingdom Key D
Attribute Light
Status Alive
"I don't need a weapon, and I don't care. My friends are my power and I'm theirs, no matter what happens!"
—Tenku to James

Tenku is the main protagonist of Chiaro Academy.


Tenku is a spitting image of his father, Sora.


Tenku is depicted as a cheerful preteen boy who cherishes his friendships and bonds with his family and unknowingly gains his strength from them. Sometimes, his enemies use his friends and family members (mostly his aunt due to their strong, powerful, and unbreakable bond) as bait.



Wreck-it Rachel

Journal Entries

Chiaro Academy

Entry 1

Entry 2


At his graduation



  • (Yawns) "Whoa! Gimme a break, Aunt Maya."
  • "No, I swear, it wasn't a just dream, it was like some vision of the future."
  • "Ok. In the dream, Marissa, the triplets and I were at this freaky haunted house with these other kids and this girl who looked so much like Renee punched the wall and there was a hole! We all went inside and the same girl who punched the wall sealed it with ice."
    — telling Maya about the dream
  • "Hi, Renee..."
  • "Sora? I think you mean my dad."
  • "Oh! You must be Master Riku, right?"

In Battle

  • "Thunder!"
  • "Fire!"
  • "Wind!"
  • "Hurricane!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Let's make our mamas proud!"

Theme Song

His theme is a remix of Sora's theme.


  • Like his father, Tenku's name means "sky" in Japanese.
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