Name {{{name}}}
Origin {{{origin}}}
Original Name {{{original}}}
Role {{{role}}}
Job Class {{{job}}}
Home World {{{world}}}
Family {{{family}}}
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Affiliation {{{group}}}
Status {{{status}}}

Use this template on Character Pages.


  • Original Name - denotes the character's original name, mostly used for Nobodies.
  • Origin - denotes the original world or universe the character comes from.
  • Also Known As - denotes any other names or nicknames the character may have.
  • Menu Nickname - denotes the character's menu nickname.
  • Role - used to denote whether the character is the Protagonist of a story, an Ally, a Villain a Neutral character, or an Anti-Hero.
  • Job Class - denotes the character's job class. If the character is a villain, this does not need to be included.
  • World - denotes the world where the character comes from.
  • Family - denotes any persons related to the character.
  • Weapon - denotes the character's weapon preference.
  • Affiliation - denotes any alliance the character has with a major group or organization.
  • Status - denotes whether the character is dead or alive.

To input this template on a character page, input the following coding on the top of the page.


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