LegoAlchemist You see... the other night, I had the weirdest dream. It was all dark, and there were these creatures... and, huh? -- Owen Stevens
TALK - What's up with sports anyway? It's just a bunch of sweaty guys fighting over a ball. Don't rip heads off for it.-- LA {{{text}}}
LegoAlchemist Well, at least you have something to aspire to. I've got nothing. -- Owen Stevens
TALK - ....... -- LA {{{sad}}}
[[File:Owen Happy|70|]]
LegoAlchemist My friends are my power. -- Owen Stevens, Sora, Ventus, etc...
TALK - Get real. If I was lying, wouldn't my pants be on fire? And I'm certainly not hanging from a telephone wire. -- LA {{{happy}}}
LegoAlchemist Go back to where you belong. -- Owen Stevens
TALK - AAARGH, WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN?!?! -- LA to his father {{{angry}}}
LegoAlchemist Harold?! No.. you're... Bradley?! -- Owen Stevens
TALK - Oh my god. That's crazy. -- LA {{{shocked}}}
LegoAlchemist Something bad is happening. I don't know what me, Harold, you, or Bradley have to do with it, but as long as I have the Keyblade, the ability to fight this threat, I can't sit around. -- Owen Stevens
TALK - Don't answer that. "Y" isn't a question. -- LA {{{talk}}}
LegoAlchemist WHAT are you talking about?! There's no way I'll let you use us for THIS!!-- Harold Payne
TALK - ....... {{{enraged}}}
LegoAlchemist ...... -- Harold Payne
TALK - ....... -- LA {{{hsad}}}
LegoAlchemist You two have really improved. -- Harold Payne
TALK - When life hands you lemons, go to life's house that night and egg it. What the hell do you do with lemons?! -- LA {{{hhappy}}}
LegoAlchemist (I need to think of a David quote) -- David Potter
TALK - Don't answer that. "Y" isn't a question. -- LA {{{david}}}
LegoAlchemist YES, it is my BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME. Now ask again. *readies gun* ASK IT! -- Action Man
TALK - This is my "not impressed" bubble. -- LA {{{actionman}}}
LegoAlchemist (I need to think of a Ren quote) -- Ren
TALK - I've never had a girl featured on a talk bubble before. -- LA {{{ren}}}
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