{{{option1}}} {{{info1}}}
{{{option2}}} {{{info2}}}
{{{option3}}} {{{info3}}}
{{{option10}}} {{{info10}}}

This Template is the basis for all Infobox Templates in the Mainspace. In short, Infobox templates should closely model this template's appearance with minimal variances.

When copying the coding of this Template to create a new Infobox template:

  • Delete codings that are not needed.
  • The bottommost coding is the recommended bottommost part for the Infobox

Likewise, when using it:

  • Ensure that, regardless how many of the option and info parameters you use, numbers 1-3 and 10 must be included

You may also use it to create a Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki Infobox in your userpage. Advanced help is recommended.

NOTE: This template has been taken from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

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