Name {{{name}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Obtained {{{obtained}}}
Item Rank {{{rank}}}
Buy Price {{{price}}}
Sell Price {{{sell}}}

Use this template on Item Pages.


  • Kana - denotes the Japanese name and pronunciation.
  • Original Name - denotes the Item's original name, if the translated name isn't the same.
  • Type - denotes whether the item is Useable, Key, or Synthesis.
  • Obtained - denotes the ways of getting the item (Drop, Chest, or Reward).
  • Rank - denotes the Item Synthesis Rank of the item (from best to worst: S, A, B, and C).
  • Price - denotes how much it costs in the shop.
  • Sell - denotes how much you'll get for selling it.

To input this template on a character page, input the following coding on the top of the page.


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