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Alias {{{alias}}}
Origin {{{origin}}}
Original self {{{original}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Role {{{role}}}
First seen {{{seen}}}
Home world {{{world}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Occupation {{{job}}}
Family {{{family}}}
Weapon(s) {{{weapon}}}
Attribute(s) {{{attribute}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Inexistent Misadventure character

Use this template on Inexistent Misadventure character pages.


  • Kana - denotes the Japanese name and pronunciation.
  • Alias - denotes any other names or nicknames the character may have.
  • Origin - denotes the original world or universe the character comes from.
  • Original self - denotes the character's original name; mostly used for Nobodies.
  • Type - denotes whether the character is human, a Nobody or something entirely different.
  • Role - used to denote whether the character is an ally, an antagonist or a neutral character.
  • Seen - denotes the chapter in which the character made their first appearance.
  • World - denotes the world where the character comes from.
  • Age - denotes the character's age.
  • Job - denotes the character's occupation.
  • Family - denotes any persons related to the character.
  • Weapon - denotes the character's weapon preference.
  • Attribute - denotes the elemental affinity or the "special power" of the character, if any.
  • Status - denotes whether the character is anything other than alive and well, such as if they are dead.

Also note that all of the columns (except for name) are optional. Which means that they do not need to be included.

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