Name {{{name}}}
Kana {{{kana}}}
Home World {{{world}}}
Role {{{role}}}
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Element {{{element}}}
Magic {{{magic}}}
Abilities {{{ability}}}
Limit Breaks {{{limit}}}
Drives {{{drives}}}
Status {{{status}}}

Use this template on Damage, Inc. Character Pages.


  • Kana denotes the Japanese name and pronunciation.
  • World denotes the world where the character comes from. If unknown, write the world where they first appear.
  • Role used to denote whether the character is an Ally or a Villain.
  • Weapon denotes the character's weapon preference.
  • Element denotes the elemental affinity of the character, if any.
  • Magic denotes the magic specialties of the character.
  • Ability denotes the main abilities of the character.
  • Limit denotes the Limit Breaks of the character.
  • Drives denotes the number of drive forms the character has, if any.
  • Status denotes whether the character is dead or alive.

Also note that all of the columns (except for name) are optional. Which means that they do not need to be included.

To input this template on a character page, input the following coding on the top of the page.

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