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This article/image is currently nominated for deletion. If you wish, please voice your opinion on
Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction Wiki: Pages for Deletion.
You may continue to edit this page, however, do not remove this notice until the discussion is closed.

This template is used to nominate articles for deletion. For convenience purpose, this template may also be used for images, categories and templates nominated for deletion. Please read our deletion policy on nominating for deletion.

Deletion policy

  1. If the page can be improved, this should be solved through regular editing, rather than deletion. These articles can be placed with:
    • {{stub}} template for short pages needing expansion.
  2. Articles that are short and unlikely to be expanded can often be merged into a larger article or list or redirected to a related article. This is, however, applied only on case to case basis.
  3. Speedy deletion is applied to articles unrelated to Kingdom Hearts, spam, inappropriate content including non-worksafe elements, redundant templates, inappropriate user pages, and utter gibberish.
  4. Redirects should not be deleted.
  5. When nominating for deletion, only place the appropriate template, and nothing else.
  6. Deletion discussion should take place in the Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction Wiki: Pages for Deletion, not the article talk page.
  7. Consider waiting for at least half a day before deleting an article if it does not fall under speedy deletion to allow for discussion.
  8. To administrators, only delete discussed articles when there is no consensus to keep. Also delete the article's talk page if one exists.


Please type {{delete}} on the page you wish to nominate for deletion. This template will automatically add the category Category:Articles for Deletion to the article for ease of indexing.

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