Name Telmuci'ixa
Number III
Title The Empress of Eternity
Original Name Ultimecia
Home World ???
Role Villain
Weapon None, exclusively uses magic
Element Time
Magic Stop, Slow, Haste
Abilities Control Time
Limit Breaks Time Compression
Drives Greiver Form
Status Alive

Telmuci'ixa (pronounced "Tell-muce-ee-icks-uh") is the Nobody of Ultimecia, and the Number III of the Midnight Syndicate. Her title is "The Empress of Eternity", and is the only member who can manipulate Time.


Ultimecia, in an attempt to achieve what she called "Time Compression", opened her heart to darkness to gain enough power to make it a reality. Her Heartless was promptly destroyed, but Telmuci'ixa herself survived and, after a number of years (her activities during which are undocumented), approached Xolduc, Nexko, and Zolgbex with an offer of alliance, thus creating the Midnight Syndicate.

Griever Form

Telmuci'ixa morphs into a human/lion hybrid, becoming stronger and faster. Her magic is also much more powerful. More data is soon to be gathered.

Time Compression

Telmuci'ixa's Limit Break, Time Compression, allows her to create a void in the space-time continuum where she is nearly omnipotent. In this void, Telmuci'ixa is ten times more powerful in every way, but is paralyzed for a few minutes afterward. Fortunately for her, though, the victims are nearly always killed.

Role in the Syndicate

Telmuci'ixa is one of the Syndicate's magic experts. She is also skilled at manipulating events from "behind the curtain."



"Noxel, Noxel, Noxel. I knew we shouldn't have trusted you among our number. Your Other wasn't of much use, so I must wonder why I thought you would be."
"Xolduc, Nexko, Zolgbex, I'm certain you know of the late Organization XIII? I propose that we form a new organization -- a Midnight Syndikate, if you will, for the sole purpose of komepletely destroying Kingdom Hearts."
"Oh kome now darling, surely you don't mean that? You wound me."


"This is the end of memories!" (Just before using Time Compression)
"Junction Griever!" (Just before entering Griever Form)
"I... kan't... disappear yet..." (Defeat)

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